Dispositif de transfert – L’échelle de pilote

(Transfert du pilote, une opération délicate)

Safe pilot transfers is a partnership between the pilots and the vessels being served. Whenever a pilot embarks or disembarks from a ship by ladder, they entrust their safety to the pilot transfer arrangements provided by the ship.

Shipowners’ and Masters’ responsibilities
Masters ans Shipowners are reminded of their responsibility to supply conforming pilot ladders and ship-borne fittings to all their vessels and to ensure that vessels’ crew members involved in the transfer operations receive the necessary training.
A full understanding of the risks involved and the requirements in force is essential in order to prevent accidents during pilot transfers.

SOLAS Regulation Chapter V/23 sets out the principal requirements for the rigging of pilot ladders while further detailed technical specification for pilot ladders can be found in IMO Resolution A.1045(27).
Masters ans Shipowners are also referred to the “Shipping Industry Guidance on Pilot Transfer Arrangements” published by the IMPA and ICS in 2012 as well as to the IMPA poster “Required Boarding Arrangements for Pilot”
However, compliance with the referenced standards does not in itself assure safety. The Master or responsible deck watchkeeper of the vessel providing the pilot ladder should therefore assess whether supplementary measures, such as the provision of lifejackets, harnesses, lifelines and lifebuoys should be put in place to assure the safety of personnel. As delays may result from the need to change an improperly rigged, inadequately maintained or poorly positioned pilot ladder, it is important that Masters and deck watchkeepers confirm with the pilotage provider the exact requirements for rigging the ladder before the vessel arrives at the agreed pilot boarding place.

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The Seine Pilots

Pour tenir compte des derniers amendements de la SOLAS, l’IMPA (International Maritime Pilots’ Association) et l’ICS (International Chamber of Shipping) ont mis à jour la brochure « Pilot transfer guide » destinée aux compagnies maritimes et aux marins. Elle rappelle l’importance vitale de s’assurer que le dispositif de transfert du pilote (l’échelle) est sure et correctement saisi.
Vous pouvez télécharger ce guide ici: