La vedette Colibri réceptionnée par les pilotes de Rouen

For several months, the Alu Marine shipyard has been building a particularly innovative new type of pilot boat.Developed in collaboration with the Geronimo Naval Design office, the specifications of this boat have been carefully studied to optimise performance and reliability, while minimising running costs, especially fuel consumption.

Both light and powerful, this new 12-metre craft will be capable of rapid turnarounds at a service speed of 30 knots. Built in aluminium and fitted with a last-generation Volvo IPS Pod propulsion system, this craft will be not only extremely robust, but very economical to run and maintain.

It is a fast launch designed for pilots on the river Seine, which will enter into service in March 2012. Its mission is to embark the Baie de Seine pilots on board merchant ships sailing upstream to Rouen. The visual identity of the Colibri pilot boat was designed by Gonzalo Cáceres Design Studio.